Interpretation and modeling

Over the course of recent years, RECONSULT has been investing large sums in purchasing inversion and geophysical interpretation software and proving their staff with proper professional training to use them. RECONSULT brought to Brazil the best interpretation and modeling solutions available on the global exploration industry with the objective of supplying its clients with world class services that contribute to successful exploration projects. The movie below shows a modeling project that was conducted over the pre-salt area of the Santos basin. For more detail about this project click here.

RECONSULT uses the Oasis Montaj from Geosoft Inc as its platform to process gravity and magnetic images. In this software, special transformed field images are elaborated such as low latitude reduced to the pole filter and the fractional derivative ternary distribution, aiming at creating a plan view interpretation that highlights all the geological information that is presented in the geophysical datasets. To estimate the spatial positioning (mainly the depth) and the geometry of the magnetic and/or dense sources RECONSULT uses the ModelVision Pro and UBC-GIF software that were developed in Australia and Canada, respectively. Both programs invert 3D data using different mathematical approaches. The ModelVision uses prismatic bodies with constant physical properties that differ them from the background. The UBC works with tridimensional meshes that are associated to a specific physical property for each voxel making it possible to have changes in the physical properties of an anomalous body.